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Custom Web Application Development

Over the years, we have provided reliable web-based solutions to many customers in education and business. Some of our more significant development projects include a robust state testing system supporting hundreds of students, as well as an N-tier financial solution used to track funds and manage all related accounting functions required to facilitate related day to day operations for a major college. When we sit down to model your application and its requirements, we make every effort to document and understand the processes and policies of your business that will inevitably impact the design of your new application. In many cases, we make recommendations that might improve upon your initial requirements in an effort to help us deliver the most solid product possible. We deliver quality applications, meeting each milestone's deadline along the way.

We are proud users of Microsoft Visual Studio. Over the years, the Visual Studio IDE has proven to deliver, allowing our team to stay on schedule while making the most of our time coding.


ASP.NET is a web application framework used to develop web sites, web applications, and web services. Since ASP.NET is built upon the Common Language Runtime (CLR), we are able to develop ASP.NET solutions using any supported .NET language.

Visual Basic.NET, Visual C#.NET

Our languages of choice for ASP.NET development are Visual Basic.NET and Visual C#.NET. Coding in both languages gives us the flexibility needed to accommodate the preference or our customers. On occasion, we encounter a project that is already in place that needs some updating. In these cases, accommodating either language gives us complete flexibility to take over the development of any ASP.NET application.

jQuery, AJAX

Because web applications are browser-based, much of the functionality can require each page click to post-back to the server. This is akin to clicking a link on a webpage and watching a new page load as a result. Thanks to recent innovations in client-side scripting, we are now able to prevent the reloading of pages and provide resulting data within the same page context. Utilizing jQuery, a light-weight JavaScript library, or ASP.NET AJAX, we are able to provide rich, client-side functionality your users are already accustomed to on the desktop, but in the browser.

Microsoft SQL, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, LINQ

In most applications, the single most important feature is the data. Using Microsoft SQL and its supporting .NET technologies together, we are able to efficiently design your database, generate all the necessary code files that support it, and generate custom reports based upon the stored data.

Microsoft Team Foundation Server (Source Control)

To ensure we maintain the integrity of our code in a team evironment, we use Microsoft TFS. We host our own instance of Team Foundation Server, but we can also utilize your server instance for any existing applications we may further develop for your company.

Agile Software Development

We understand the need to be flexible, yet efficient, and customer driven. Our ability to interact, collaborate, and respond to change are features we pride ourselves in. The ideas of Agile Software Development further supports these features ensuring our customers the best experience combined with the best solutions. See the Twelve Principles of Agile Software.

We are excited to shape your ideas into the application you need.
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